Christmas was born and raised in New York and spent her childhood dreaming of going to faraway places and meeting diverse people.   She was afforded that opportunity when she joined the United States Navy. Through her service she lived in Spain and Greece and visited several other countries.  Travel gave her insight into the diversity the world has to offer and she was able to see firsthand how in every corner of the world people face the same struggles and joys.  These commonalities that she saw developed her strong sense of unity of the world, and allowed her to truly see all people of the world as one. As a foster child growing up in New York Christmas has always been interested in empowering young people from all walks of life to succeed in whatever endeavor they chose.  To that end she has volunteered in various organizations abroad and within the United States directed towards mentoring children.

Christmas moved to California in September of 1997 in order to finish her undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley and attend law school at Pepperdine University. She has put down roots and has become a permanent member of the Southern California beach community.  This helped create a relationship with the ocean and beach around her.  This relationship fostered the importance of environmental consciousness and activism.  Christmas brings a unique perspective to the Pelican Crew through her strong sense of world unity and a belief in investing in the world around us.