A Native Californian and successful Realtor, John fell in love with surfing in 2012. An avid athlete, with a background in the boxing world, John is always looking to improve and challenge himself both in and out of the water. After catching his first wave, John flew up the learning curve and is a constant fixture, carving up and down Orange County waves.  Whether hanging ten or closing a big deal, John’s mantra is: “Just paddle out.” In that, you have to give yourself the opportunity to “ride the wave of your life.” John brings his personal network, event organization and leadership skills to the crew.


The mission of the crew hits particularly close to John as he often mentors his young nephews and strives to develop in them the confidence that he feels every time he paddles out.   Since he first heard about the Crew john has worked hard to help establish the Crew’s strong foundation.  John looks to spread awareness, consciousness and aloha in all that he does.